Arkada & Pyramid Transmissions

Arkada & Pyramid Transmissions

Saturday, 4 May at 11:59 PM

Arkada and Pyramid Transmissions are joining their powers to bring the first label night of its kind to take place on //4th of May // Suicide Circus Berlin ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”♬

︻デ═一 Main room:
Steven Rutter B12 (B12) (live) (Warp records / Firescope) UK
Jerome Hill (Don't / Super Rhythm Trax) UK
Agent2 (Rebel Intelligence) UK
ADJ (Pyramid Transmissions / Earthlings) UK
Errorbeauty (Arkada / Suicide Circus) DE
︻デ═一 2nd room:
Camino Acid (live) (Earthlings) US
Pat Flanders (Mindwaves music / Emsig) DE
Briain (Skizze / Mindwaves music) DE
Serge Geyzel (Mindwaves music / Arkada) DE

For this special event we have invited a few names that have a very important impact in our underground scene for decades and we are delighted to announce our headliners for the night.︻デ═一♪♫♪♫♪♫*******♪♫♪♫♪♫
One of the legends, the one half of B12 and label owner of Infamous FireScope Records -�
Steven Rutter (Warp records / Firescope) A pioneer of Underground Electronic Music for almost 30 years, he is cited as one of the creators of UK Techno. We are honoured he will do one of his amazing LIVE analogue sets for us, it is not to be missed!!!!

Our second headliner is an artist who represents DJing in its most vivid creative and versatile form.
Jerome Hill (Don’t / Super Rhythm Trax) a human encyclopedia of Electronic music for 3 decades, will express his deep love of the music together with his infamous ‘hands on’ scratching and mixing skills in a trademark intense set for our opening night.

Our 3rd guest is a very special person to us,the man behind the graphics and artwork of Arkada -�
AGENT2 (Rebel Intelligence) who is also the label owner of Rebel Intelligence and has recorded for labels like ACRE and Earthlings under PHAUSIS will be there to provide a high-end electronic sound experience and mixing skills behind the decks.
He has held residencies at the London electro night Scand and the BLOC Festival,having warmed up for the likes of Apex Twin and Model 500.

Supporting the night in our main room are the residents and curators for this event.
ADJ (Pyramid Transmissions / Earthlings),who has been the core of UK Electro scene for over 30 years as a producer/dj/promoter and radioshow host for the Electro/Electronica scene. ADJ has recorded for many labels including Touchin Bass, Cultivated Electronics, Outside US, Diffuse Reality, Digital Distortions and many more. His sets are packed with 808 beats, quaking bass, fractured glitches and thunderous energy.

Errorbeauty (Arkada / Suicide Circus) Bulgarian born Dj/Producer, Label head at Arkada and resident at Suicide Circus and Dodo Club in London, Errorbeauty has been taking dancefloors by storm from Berlin Atonal via UK and all over Europe with her unique and energetic Dj sets drifting between dirty electro and raw broken techno, you will feel the creative energy that fills her sets and moves dancefloors.

In our second room we are excited to bring a couple of acts starting with a first vinyl set of -
Serge Geyzel (Arkada / Mindwaves music),who is the maestro behind the half of our 2nd Arkada (released on 8 of April) and soon to be expected his first solo LP on Emisg radio.

Camino Acid (Earthlings) hailing from US aka Senor Frio (PT, Digital Distortions) and Scifisol ( Detroit Underground, Earthlings) who will be dopping serious Electro/Techno vibes with a very special modular Live set for their first Berlin show.

Our second room will close with an exciting B2B set�from the label owner of Emsig radio,Mindwaves,half part of the duo ChillinBerlin and one of the creators of Skizze underground nights
Pat Flanders (Mindwaves music / Emsig radio) who has been a massive supporter of the underground scene since early 2000 and has been spreading the sounds of high quality electronica around major venues and festivals in Europe.

Briain (Skizze / Mindwaves music) - An exemplary sound artist who is able to drift and adapt to the environments presented to him.Whether it’s apart of the multidisciplinary format of the well-regarded Skizze curations or stepping up alongside label-mates for Mindwaves Music, Briain is able to showcase an incredibly broad palette of soundscapes.
Hope to see you all there !!