Jobless AI Series - chlorys, leascv, scoro

Friday, 15 Dec 2017 at 10 PM - 5 AM

It's 2323 and more than a hundred years have passed since the Great Takeover by the Singular AI. After decades of hiding out in catacombs, a small resistance group is determined to fight back and prove once more that humans can’t be obsolete. The plan is to make the nonstop-working AI temporarily jobless, by luring it to a series of underground parties. This way it might loosen up a bit and peace will be restored.
Their main weapons of choice are mutant electronics, post industrial oddities, dusty jakbeat and whatever phonic AI errors they could get their hands on.
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Artist support - 10ron
Doors open - 22.00

Beer 05 - 7ron
Glass of wine - 8ron
Shots - 8ron
Straights - 9ron
Long drinks - 13ron
Coffee - 8ron
Soft drinks 033 - 8ron

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