Omar Apollo - Live on the Voyager Tour 2019

Omar Apollo - Live on the Voyager Tour 2019

Thursday, 18 Apr at 10 PM

The Indiana singer-songwriter brings his seductive falsetto and clever production touches to a venue near you! Think bedroom pop and throwback soul.

Omar Apollo taught himself to sing and play guitar the true millennial way: using YouTube videos as a guide. The Chicano singer-songwriter and producer grew up in Hobart, Indiana, and got his start at the end of 2016, when he was still a teenager, with a string of SoundCloud loosies: a brew of bedroom pop and slinky R&B that offered proof of a natural-born talent. Stereo, his debut EP, is a cross-cultural pleasure trip that further builds out those early ideas, showcasing a colorful palette that glides across genres and eras.

Make way for this incredible night ahead!



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