Kap Bambino - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London

Kap Bambino - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London

Saturday, 20 Apr at 7 PM

Kap Bambino return to London this April! See them live at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on Saturday 20 April.

Tickets on sale Monday 10am - https://www.ticketweb.uk/event/kap-bambino-hoxton-square-bar-kitchen-tickets/9139465

New album Dust, Fierce, Forever
Released 12th APRIL 2019 on BECAUSE MUSIC

Kap Bambino’s music will forever be out of this world.
"Dust, Fierce, Forever" keeps to this infallible promise, signalling their sensational return back to business, stabbing at our grief-stricken souls in the process.

Kap Bambino are as mysterious as ever, while overflowing as always with their resounding life force so unique to them.

13 short, solemn tracks wonderfully capture the force of this duo formed by Caroline and Orion in 2011.

It’s a force which juggles familiar sounds with allusions of Eurodance and a hint of hardcore, making for an acrobatic, incongruous mix. The resulting sound is no less addictive, literally exploding into particles of pure beauty.

Their fifth album is an irresistible whirlwind of sounds in which the most disparate of elements spin fervently.

Evocative and much more than simple allusions, it’s rich in imagery and sensations. Like the delightful taste of an unknown kiss full of electric passion. Or the mysteries of the East appearing, and even the rhythmic sounds of a gamelan been played majestically during a funeral procession in Bali.

Kap Bambino have a precious gift: their ability to thrust you suddenly from the grey dusty shadows towards a blinding white light.