Saturday, 14 Apr 2018 at 9 PM - 4 AM

SHIFT into a new dimension on April 14 at Mezzanine. DJ Edu Quintas propels us into hyperspace while you support a great cause.

• $10 from every ticket helps our AIDS/LifeCycle rider hosts reach their fundraising goals.
• DJ Edu Quintas (The Week, Brazil & VIVA, NYC) returns to SHIFT to take you on an unforgettable 7-hour ride.
• Futuristic lighting, lasers, video, visuals, and atmospheric effects transport you to a new dimension (giving you ALL the things!)
• Space suits, biker gear, leather, drag, jeans-and-a-T-shirt, jocks, red dresses: anything goes or nothing at all (well, next to nothing)! Clothes check available.

Aaron Endré, Andy Lax, Andy Tonken, Andy Wibbels, Barry Eisenberg, Bob Wasilowski, Brad Saget, Brian Abascal, Christopher Berini, Dan Patrick, Dane Skidmore, Dave Andrade, Dede Lee, Ed Colchado, Ed Morgan, Fabio Fabiano, Frank Ladra, Jed Wilson, Joanna Parks, Jonathan Goodrich, Jonathon Polly, Ken Wells, Ld Childress-Lee, Levi Vieira, Mark O'Brien, Matt Burgess, Michael Purdy, Philip Grasso, Peter John Reinman, Rafael Duperron, Rahul Gupta, Raymond Kahangu, Ren Blake, Robert Portilla, Russ Smith, Ryan Ramos, Ryan Stafford, Shannon Monroe, Seth Lowe, Simon Tam, Sunny Babbar, Todd Mordick & Ranjeev Singh, Tommy Grace, Ty Achilles, Victor Martinez, Vincent Sparacio, Will Vit

Lights & Lasers by RAGErLAZER. Video & Visuals by Eric Olson. Photography by Michael Smith. This is a 21+ event.