Nico Stojan (Ouie, Berlin) & Spaniol (Sonido Tropico, Brazil) March 16

Friday, 16 Mar 2018 at 9:30 PM - 3:30 AM

Public Works Presents:

Nico Stojan (Ouíe, Berlin)
Spaniol (Sonido Tropico, Brazil)

main room / funktion one sound

Nico- Before he found his home in House, he had another one in Hip-Hop. Here he nurtured his love of jazz and soul and discovered his talent for working the crowd. But it was the vibrant mood of a growing Berlin club scene and a residency at Bar25 that would change his musical direction and bring him a new set of listeners, at the big festivals that always sell out to the smaller ones that never do. Here he plays warm sets, hands in the air sets, lush sets.

Spaniol- Resident and founder of the Tropical Sound of São Paulo, Spaniol mixes its Iberian origin with the South American heat.
Producer since the age of 15, his songs start from a minimalist experimentation with organic sounds. From Caetano to the songs to Nhanderú-ete.